About me

- Experience

I worked in several tech-companies, and speak in public includes :

eJoy Biotech One of the most popular bio tech company in Taiwan who lead the trend of red-bean water (紅豆水) / black-bean water on market
http://www.roodo.com One of the most popular multiple purposes (blog,photo,shopping,etc) platform in Taiwan.
Baagic - Best customer service on mobile for retailers
Baatogether Best app for you to hangout with new friends around

Nosql Taiwan - Meetup for nosql databases in Taiwan
Ruby conference Taiwan - Lighting talk for Goliath framework
Hadoop ecosystem workshop 2013 - Introduce Riak

- What can I do?

I cover most of techs from ground up in some startups.
I also lead small team in some companies.
I use agile development (scrum, trello) in most of these companies, and try to speed up releases.

- To work with you

I know how hard it is to make a product prefect, so I will treat your product as my own product.
But there has no such thing like "Quality code with Test-Driven and deliver in 3 days".

I can do test-driven for quality code which take longer but easier to maintenance, well design and less bugs.
By test-driven, I would focusing on quality code and follow spec exactly.

Or market-driven that having minimal value product ASAP.
By market-driven, I would focusing on deliver schedule, and discuss with you more like a co-founder rather than developer.

- Skills set

I use Elixir/Erlang mainly, focus on backend, but able to do some frontend and others :
Ruby 6+ years
Node.js 2+ years

  • Elixir :
    Plug, Phoenix framework, Wallaby testing framework, Erlang, OTP..
    I built 2 elixir libs (not open source yet)

    • Nexmo client
    • Spark : sync & communicate between different dbs & ets.
  • Ruby :
    Can build Web with Rails, Sinatra, Rack, Goliath, EventMachine, I even built a micro framework based on em & rack to gain super performance and low memory consume..
    Can build GUI with FxRuby, QT, cRuby..
    Also familiar with popular gems like paperclip, devise, oauth, rmagick... etc

  • Databases :
    MySql, Postgresql.
    Neo4j, InfiniteGraph, Riak, Redis, MongoDB.. and some more.
    Or mix them together, I built a gem & lib in ruby and elixir to manage and sync data between dbs.

  • Server & Clouds :
    AWS, Linode, or other cloud services..
    Ubuntu mainly, but can also use CentOS, or others.
    I can help you on administrate servers, and make your server much more reliable, performance, concurrent.

  • Front-end :
    Css, Sass, Html5, some frontend frameworks, foundation, bootstrap, or others.
    Javascript ( es6 & es7 ), backbone.

  • Others :
    Git of course, and let me know what you need.

- Learning

Learning and Improving, getting better and better is quite important for me.
I don't learn because the world need the skill, I learn concept and design of things.
For example, You can learn many creative and whole new concepts from Haskell, but you don't really need to use Haskell daily or even in work.
I learn React.js recently and try to understand the trend of mobile world and front-end.

You can hire me directly @ UpWork ( sorry, Only accessable for upwork clients )
Or some other platforms (let me know).

more @ here : http://tech.vonstark.co